Calling All Souls: Join hearts and souls together. Love Peace and Harmony.


Unrecognizable mother and her daughter holding hands.
Dear Mary Anne, Thank you so much for the blessing for my daughter. My daughter had bad headaches that were causing her to throw up. On a scale to 1-10, I would rate it as a 10. I was very concerned for my child. About an hour after the session her headache went away. She...
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Two Maine coons, 15 months old, sitting in front of white background
Mary Anne, Thank you so much for working on both my cats. Sweetie, being almost 16 years old, made me concerned about her condition with her bladder and kidneys or urinary tract issue. The Vet said change can upset a cat. There was a lot of change occurring in our lives. Most importantly, we were...
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Piggy bank fallen over with financial money problems
After the session, I have definitely noticed that the way I think and feel about money and finances has been shifting to a more positive place. I feel that blockages that weren't allowing me to attract money and wealth into my life are being dissolved. I feel that much stress, due to thoughts of financial burden,...
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Full length portrait of upset young african man standing in front of a broken down car parked on the side of a road
The beginning of February, I was having financial troubles and asked my friend, Mary Anne Melvin, for some advice. I had a vehicle that was in tough shape, bad tires, not working right, etc. I was afraid to go anywhere and didn't know if I was going to make it to work every morning. Mary...
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