Calling All Souls: Join hearts and souls together. Love Peace and Harmony.

Dr. and Master Sha

Master Sha has trained more than 6,000 Divine Soul Healers and Tao Calligraphy Soul Healers, and over one hundred Worldwide Representatives who teach self-healing and enlightenment techniques at the grassroots level and at Master Sha Tao Centers being established in key cities across the globe. At a time of difficult transition for Mother Earth, he is committed to transforming the consciousness of individuals, humanity, Mother Earth and all universes, and to spreading the messages of soul healing and universal service worldwide. To that end, Master Sha is a prolific author and has developed several television and film productions in the United States and India. He has been featured in one public television documentary and the full-length film, Soul Masters: Master Sha and Dr. Guo, filmed partially in China. Master Sha is also featured in the documentaries Soul Healing Miracles and The Source Ling Guang Calligraphies.

In 2014 Master Sha launched the Soul Healing Miracles Chanting Channel. Completely interactive and free, Master Sha’s Chanting Channel empowers viewers to develop their spiritual journey by learning to use chanting for healing and transformation. Participants around the world submit requests for healing or blessing and make a pledge to chant every day for every request that has been submitted. This act of universal service is unique to the Chanting Channel and empowers the average person to actively participate in the transformation of their lives, but more importantly, in the transformation of world by chanting for others who have submitted requests and by chanting for all souls in all universes as guided by Master Sha’s Worldwide Representatives and Certified Master Teachers who lead the live programming.

Also launched in early 2014, the Soul Healing Miracles App for iPhone and iPad empowers humanity to create their own soul healing miracles with guided meditations with The Source Ling Guang (Soul Light) Calligraphies which carry The Source frequency and vibration with The Source love, forgiveness, compassion, and light to transform the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical bodies.

Master Sha is a unique legacy of soul knowledge, soul wisdom and practical soul techniques to access the power of soul for the healing and transformation of all aspects of life, including health, emotions, relationships, business, finances and more. In short, Master Sha has brought healing and enlightenment to hundreds of thousands worldwide in a teaching that combines the essence of Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine with 5,000-year-old energy and spiritual healing secrets from China. He is a recognized authority on matters pertaining to the soul. His central message is:

I have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of my life.

You have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all of your life.

Together we have the power to create soul healing miracles to transform all life of humanity and all souls in Mother Earth and countless planets, stars, galaxies, and universes.

Let us join hearts and souls together to bring love, peace and harmony to humanity, Mother Earth, and all universes. Join the global Love Peace Harmony Movement to gather 1.5 billion people around the world in chanting Love, Peace and Harmony for 15 minutes every day to transform the world.