Calling All Souls: Join hearts and souls together. Love Peace and Harmony.

Sugar and Sweetie Make a Smooth Transition

Mary Anne,

Thank you so much for working on both my cats. Sweetie, being almost 16 years old, made me concerned about her condition with her bladder and kidneys or urinary tract issue. The Vet said change can upset a cat. There was a lot of change occurring in our lives. Most importantly, we were about to move. I am thrilled to say your working on her helped with the transition to the new home. I was concerned the move may extend her condition, but at the new home I was relieved to see she was not experiencing the discomfort or problems with her urinary tract at all.

Sugar is sixteen. The work you have done for her respiratory system has allowed her to breathe so much smoother! Her coughing is very minimal, and she does not seem to be challenged to breathe. I have not had to use an inhaler at all. What amazes me is how the move has been such a smooth transition for the cats and, most importantly, they have not had to struggle with threatening health conditions through this restructuring of our lives. We are all a happy, healthy family in our new home. Thank you again for the blessings your work has given us.


Wishing you blessings,
Renee B.

Animal souls can also be helped through times of crisis through soul healing and blessings. I thank Renee for allowing me to be of service to Sweetie and Sugar, long may they thrive.